The Band Shell Project, Public Art Commission, Richland Libraries Columbia SC

Steel tubing, Lexan plastic, bronze anodized aluminum panel, LEDs, bluetooth speakers



Water Tower Pavilion, Public Art Commission, Richland Libraries Blythewood SC.

Presure treated wood, concrete, steel columns, hardware.



Soil(2016) McMaster Gallery at the University of South Carolina Columbia SC

Recycled bicycle tires and tubes, wooden armature.


Scarp(2016), Western Carolina University, Art Museum

Repurposed clothing, wooden armature



Recycled(2015) repurposed bicycle chainrings Collaboration with Sean Mueller


Tires and Spokes(2015) repurposed bicycle tires and forks, collaboration with Sean Mueller

Bicycle Carousel(2015) collaboration with Sean Mueller. Repurposed bicycles steel, interactive



Rat Nest(2015) University of Washington Mary, Fredericksburg VA

repurposed cables and ‘E’ waste



The Last Fish(2015) Winthrop University, Chapel Hill SC

Recycled plastic bottles, wooden armature, wall text, dolphin skeleton

Installation collaboration with artist Colleen Ludwig



Bunnell Street Arts Center Artist In Residence, Homer Alaska 2014

Cask and Hull(2014) borrowed buoys and whiskey barrels




Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Artist-in-Residence 2014

Scmatta Schist(2014) recycled denim jeans, wooden armature


Installation Residency at University of Pennsylvania at Kutztown, Kutztown Pennsylvania

Don’t Breath (2013) constructed of repurposed glass. Flower vases, drinking glasses, candle holders and light covers held together with clear silicone.


Little Tikes Shanty Town, (2013) repurposed play houses and toys


What Land Will Take, Artspace, Raleigh NC



Salvage Swell, The Niagara Arts Center, St Catherines Ontario Canada


Scarp 2012 was at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs CO.


The Land Up North, Kendall College of Art and Design, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids MI



This project was the result of collaboration between Andrea Stanislav and Jarod Charzewski. It was done at the Pelham Center For The Arts In Pelham New York. The piece used desk and dresser drawers found on Craigslist and were built into the existing structure of this building. Each of the drawers and cupboards were functional and contained small installations for the public to view. Another aspect of the project was the take and replace philosophy. We encouraged community residents to take what ever they wanted from the draws as long as it was replace with something of their own.


This project was completed with the financial support of the City Of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, The City Of North Charleston Cultural Arts Program and the Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant Program, The John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation Of SC, and the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support form the National Endowment For The Arts.

An invitation to participate in the South Carolina Biennial has consumed Jarod Charzewski’s studio practice for the past two months. 701 Contemporary Art Center in Columbia SC hosted the piece titled Military Carving By The Book, made entirely out of recycled books on the subject of war. The piece was constructed in eight parts and is hollow to make transporting the piece easier. The excess materials being disposed of is unbelievable. Hopefully electronic books will someday make work like this impossible to create.

Machine Gunners(2013) Repurposed books on warfare carved in to oversized army men..

Machine Gunners (2013) Repurposed books on warfare carved into oversized army men.

Plastic Army Man base

Army Man book sculpture base

The piece is the first in a series of three that will be
shown at the Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto Ontario in September 2012.

Sunfire Remains (2012) Repurposed restaurant supplies installed at Ms Roses in West Ashley, Charleston South Carolina.

Jarod Charzewski has been included in a group exhibition at Wayne State University’s Elaine L. Jacob Gallery. The exhibition titled Fabrications is a significant collaboration of contemporary works by national and international, emerging and established artists.

This exhibition features site-specific art installations, architectural structures, glass sculptures and illusionistic paintings.  The primary influences for the exhibiting artists include gallery architecture itself, along with functional fixtures and construction processes associated with the gallery, as well as art material and medium investigations.

In the exhibition, functional objects and materials remain universally recognizable while serving as an invitation to the viewer.  The artists encourage viewers to compare the art with the gallery space and to question the distinction between art and function. New realities are conjured through the artists’ abstracted compositions of found objects and construction materials combined with out-of-the-ordinary applications of traditional art mediums.    Tom Pyrzewski – Exhibition Curator

Moodscape was Jarod Charzewski’s contribution to Things a group exhibition curated by Jonathan Brilliant at Eye Level Art In Charleston SC. All ceiling tiles used in this installation were recycled from the renovation of the new Robert Lange Studios Gallery located at 2 Queen Street in Charleston SC. All other materials have been obtained through Habitat for Humanity whenever possible.

Light Box was one of two installations Jarod completed as part of Accessability: Crosscurrents in Sumter South Carolina. The Multi-Media installation utilizes audio, video and emits its own light.

Muzak of Charleston SC has generously provided the music used in this installation.



Crazy Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It, this title was taken from a t-shirt found amongst the borrowed clothing used for the piece.Crazy Doesn’t Begin To Cover

It from Frank McCauley on Vimeo.


The Geology of The New Earth


Jarod Charzewski was one of seven artists included in the Past Presence exhibition at Redux Contemporary Art in Charleston SC. The exhibition curated by Karen Ann Myers opened on the 24th of July and runs to August 16th 2009. The show includes work by local Charleston artist including, Jonathan Brillian, Kevin Hoth, Tim Hussey, Seth Curcio, Dorothy Netherland and Karin Olah.


The Old Way Becomes The New

Jarod Charzewski was one of five artist selected for the Feed2009 Biennial at 1708 gallery in Richmond Virginia.  Curators for the show were Mark Sloan of the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art in Charleston SC and Ashley Kistler who is the Director of the Anderson Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA.


The donated clothing sculpture similar the Charzewski’s previous works Scarp and Regeneration Gap created a valley for gallery goers to walk through as the entered the space. The material on loan from Goodwill filled the large storefront window space and partially consumed the reception desk.



Regeneration Gap

Jarod Charzewski has returned from Toronto Ontario where his exhibit titled Regeneration Gap was installed at the Pari Nadimi Gallery. Similar to Scarp the installation this piece uses clothing on loan from Goodwill Ontario and will be returned after the show. The exhibition opened the 14th of March and runs through the 25th of April 2009.

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Consumerism continues to be the theme in Regeneration Gap however the cube shapes make the piece slightly more object based. The piece was inspired by the work of Maya Lin. Specifically the piece titled Blue Lake Pass.